Frequently asked questions

How much notice is required for a booking? arrow
We typically recommend a 24-hour notice to ensure escort availability, although some escorts may be available for same-day bookings.
Can I cancel or modify a booking? If so, what is the process? arrow
Yes, you can cancel or modify a booking by contacting our customer service. Please note that cancellations made less than 24 hours before the booking may incur a cancellation fee.
What happens if the escort cancels the appointment? arrow
In the unlikely event that an escort has to cancel, we will notify you as soon as possible and offer a full refund or the option to reschedule with the same escort or another one.
Is a deposit required to secure a booking? arrow
We value transparency and convenience for our clients. Deposits are generally not required for bookings within the model's city. However, if the model needs to travel to your location, a deposit may be requested to ensure the commitment of both parties. The deposit amounts vary based on the distance of travel, you can see a specified amount on the "Honorar" page.
What are your policies around consent and boundaries? arrow
We have a strict policy that any activities during a booking must be consensual and respect the boundaries set by the escort.
How can I contact customer service? arrow
You can reach our customer service via Email, WhatsApp or Telegram. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with your queries.
What measures do you take to ensure discretion? arrow
We operate with a high level of discretion. Our escorts are professional and understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality.
Do you share my information with third parties? arrow
No, we do not share your information with third parties unless required by law.
Can I leave a review for an escort? arrow
Yes, after your appointment, you can leave a review for the escort. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us maintain a high-quality service.